Dr. James Rouse on the Power of Plants, Gratitude, and Unlocking Your Flow State

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I’ve been super excited to share this episode with you for a long time. This week, I sit down with the charismatic, inspiring, and compassionate Dr. James Rouse. Dr. James is the co-founder and formulator of the plant-based nutrition company, Healthy Skoop, entrepreneur, athlete, champion of gratitude and wellness, and most importantly: the Chief Ruckus Maker. Dr. James is seriously one of a kind, and you’ll quickly feel his passion for everything he does in the conversation.

We covered an expansive array of topics, from his childhood to finding his spiritual path in the Himalayas to his thoughts on exercising by feel as an Ironman athlete. We delve into meditation, morning routines, doing epic shit, gratitude and above all: having the courage to follow your passion and make an impact on the world. This was easily one of the most energetic and inspiring conversations I’ve had in my life, let along on this podcast, so I really hope you enjoy it. I deeply respect this man, and consider him a mentor and a friend, and someone that pushes me to live more intentionally and compassionately, so it was an honor to have the chance to throw down on TFF. I originally recorded this interview for the Skoopcast, Skoop’s own podcast (which I also host), but felt compelled to share it with all of you on TFF. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to reach out with any comments!

I’m currently in the heart of the Italian Alps, in Bormio, riding bikes and doing epic shit with my friends Gruff and Ian. We’re crushing the mountains in an effort to raise awareness for the power of a plant-based lifestyle to not only avoid unnecessary suffering towards animals and our planet, but to fuel adventure and high level fitness. You can check out videos from the trip by subscribing to Thought For Food TV on YouTube! We are also raising money for Mercy For Animals so any donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has been tuning into the show. We just hit 200k downloads on the podcast, and we couldn’t be where we are today without your support every week. Hope you enjoy today’s episode, and see you back here again next week!


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3 Responses

  1. Bonnie Lynch

    I usually enjoy listening to your podcast, and I especially appreciate that you have a stated intention of being evidence-based. Regarding episode 78, with James Rouse, he sounds like a nice guy (lest anyone think so, he assures the listener that everyone at Scoop is), and he definitely doesn’t lack enthusiasm, but I would far prefer to hear about the benefits of eating whole foods, not powders. Our population is already too keen to grab a pill, powder, or elixir to solve their problems with poor nutrition. Whole food, plant-based diets are complete nutrition, so powders are not needed and don’t help people get in the habit of eating real food. Is it possible that your own connection to Scoop has created a conflict of interest for the podcast? I’d like to keep listening, but certainly would not find it useful if you continue to promote powders or any other supplements.
    Thanks for reading,

    • tfflifestyle

      Hi Bonnie!
      Thanks for the comment and for listening to the podcast! I agree – powders are not a replacement for diet, that’s why they are supplements. Skoop’s products are not meant to be a replacement for eating whole foods, just an addition. I didn’t get Dr. James on the show to talk about his products, I wanted to share his wisdom and inspiration with my listeners. He would agree completely with you, and I appreciate your concern about that idea. These products can be extremely helpful for people that are incredibly busy or even athletes that require more calories than the average person and that struggle with eating enough calories. I think the ingredients of a select few products like Skoop are good, they are made up of powdered whole foods like berries, greens, beets, etc. Would you not eat cinnamon, turmeric, or a smoothie? Because those are along the same lines of foods that are slightly processed to make more easily edible. If a product like Skoop helps people shift towards eating more plants or it’s the only way they will eat plants, I’m all for that. There isn’t a conflict of interest with my connection to Skoop, I like the people that work there and I think their product has its place. Also, supplements can and should be a part of someone’s routine if they are looking to optimize their health, particularly those on plant based lifestyles, such as B12, Vitamin D, and DHA. They are possible to get from food sources, but not in optimal amounts. Hope that cleared up your concerns, thanks again for the support!

  2. Bonnie Lynch

    Thanks very much for your prompt and thoughtful reply, Jackson. I agree about B12 as a necessary supplement for vegans. We can agree to disagree on some of the other points you made. I understand where you’re coming from, and I thank you sincerely for sharing that. 🙂

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