At Thought For Food Lifestyle, we are committed to changing the health paradigm.

Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber started Thought For Food Lifestyle by combining their own individual experiences and skills and transforming it into a multi-faceted, multimedia platform that’s accessible to everyone, no matter their specific interest: food, nutrition, athleticism–it’s all here at

Our goal is to help people adopt a healthy, compassionate, and adventurous plant-based lifestyle by sharing the science, tools, and routines needed to thrive in the modern world. We talk with athletes, academics, and entrepreneurs and go in depth on complicated scientific topics on our podcast to make evidence-based nutrition simple and practical for everyone. We also document the process of living an adventurous, purposeful, and healthy plant-based lifestyle on our YouTube channel, Thought For Food TV, to inspire and educate.

We are in the process of growing and expanding our services and our brand! We welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to connect with us.

Go eat some plants. Do epic shit.

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“I am an endurance athlete that is always on the lookout to improve my fitness through nutrition and exercise. I have been listening to podcasts for the past five years and enjoy Plantriotic and Rich Roll as well. I believe this podcast will be equivalent to those podcasts in a year or so once they get off the ground.”


“Incredibly interesting topics, encompassing not only plant-based lifestyle issues, but how our actions truly affect the world around us. I enjoy Jackson and Aaron’s rapport and excellent understanding of the topics they discuss not only amongst themselves, but their compelling guests as well.”


“These guys rock. They bring a ton of humor, humanity, and knowledge to the table, not to mention interviews with some of the biggest luminaries in the burgeoning plant-based movement – plus great interviews with lesser known thinkers.”


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